2014 IAM Awards

(l-r: Cliff Hendler, Distinguished Fellow, Eric Galton, Distinguished Fellow, Tracy Allan, Distinguished Fellow and Jeff Krivis, Distinguished Fellow)

Eric Galton was honored by the IAM for his tremendous leadership, vision and dedication to the Academy over many years by being inducted as a Knight of the International Academy of Mediators. This is the highest honor that a member can receive.

Outgoing President Karin Hobbs was presented Susan Hammer with the President’s Award for her outstanding contributions to the IAM over the years. She expressed her gratitude to Susan for her mentorship over her term.

The IAM Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Henry Brown at our conference, which took place at the Marshall Center in Paris, France on September 19, 2013. Mr. Brown was recognized for his outstanding achievements over many years of dedicated service as a civil rights lawyer, mediator, teacher, writer and leader in dispute resolution reform throughout the world.

The IAM Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Chief Justice Warren K. Winkler at our Banquet at Osgoode Hall, Law Society of Upper Canada on May 10, 2013. Winkler, Canadian jurist and Chief Justice of Ontario was recognized for his incredible accomplishments in mediation and the court system.

Throughout his entire career as a lawyer, a trial judge and a Chief Justice, he supported the growth and evolution of ADR. He also created the Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution, a lasting tribute to his outstanding service to the justice system. The Institute will be devoted to innovation, research, education and the creative practice of methods of dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and the traditional court system. In Chief Justice Winkler’s words, “ADR and civil justice are tied at the hip.”

The IAM was also honoured to present Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish with the David Plant Award for Excellence in International Dispute Resolution. Known as the “Gaza Doctor,” Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish lost three daughters to terror, and yet he remains a proponent of peace between Palestinians and Israelis. He founded the “Daughters for Life Foundation” in memory of three of his three children who were killed by Israeli tank fire during the Gaza War. The organization provides scholarship awards to encourage young women to pursue their studies at universities in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Dr. Abuelaish is a world visionary who teaches the lesson of peace and understanding to create a better world for those affected by conflict.

On a night full of surprises, the IAM was very excited to present the honor of the Order of the Knights of the International Academy of Mediators for the first time to three surprised, excited and deserving members. Tracy Allen, Cliff Hendler and Jeff Krivis were chosen by vote of the Executive Committee to receive the Order. Their tireless dedication and support of mediation and the IAM is incredible. Congratulations to our first three Knights!

Renee Levine, Executive Director, was presented with the Sid Lezak Award of Excellence in recognition of her commitment to helping the IAM promote and achieve its goals.


Preparing Mediation Statements

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