IAM Awards

Award Recipient Overview

The Order of the Knights of the International Academy of Mediators is the highest honor the IAM may bestow on a member in good standing. A Knight must be a member in good standing for at least seven years and must demonstrate continuous leadership, commitment, and support for the IAM and bring honor to the organization.

  • Paul Monicatti (2021)
  • Gene Moscovitch (2019)
  • Karin Hobbs (2017)
  • Marvin Johnson (2017)
  • Mike Young (2017)
  • Paul Iacono (2015)
  • Eric Galton (2014)
  • Tracy Allen (2013)
  • Cliff Hendler (2013)
  • Jeff Krivis (2013)

The IAM Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to a person who has made exceptional contributions throughout their careers in not only personally advancing alternative dispute resolution, but inspiring others to do so as well.

  • Colin Rule (2021)
  • Ken Cloke (2020)
  • Nancy Hardin Rogers (2018)
  • William Ury (2017)
  • Senator George Mitchell (2015)
  • Henry Brown (2013)
  • Robert Mnookin (2013)
  • Chief Justice Warren K. Winkler (2013)
  • Lela P. Love (2012)
  • Kimberlee K. Kovach (2011)
  • J. Michael Cody  (2010)
  • Honourable Lord Woolf (2009)
  • Talbot D’Alemberte (2008)
  • Leonard L. Riskin (2007)
  • Frank Evans (2006)
  • Frank Sander (2006)

The Lezak/Hammer Award of Excellence is conferred upon an individual who in the eyes of the IAM best represents the furtherance of mediation as a preferred method of dispute resolution and peacekeeping, and to one who uses his or her personal and professional powers and persuasion to achieve this goal. In 2020, the award was renamed the Lezak/Hammer award in memory of Susan Hammer who passed away. Sid Lezak was a mentor to Susan. Click here to see her memorial tribute.

  • Brigadier General Linell Letendre (2020)
  • Noah Hanft (2019)
  • Walter Baily, Jr. (2017)
  • Roger Fisher (2013)
  • Renee Levine (2013)
  • Jim Holbrook (2010)
  • The Rt. Hon the Lord Wolf (2009)
  • Sid Lezak (Posthumous 2007)

The IAM Presidential Honor is given to an outstanding IAM member(s), who is not a past-President. This award is granted at the discretion of the President.

  • Rob Daisley (2020)
  • Paul Van Osselaer (2020)
  • Jon Fidler (2018)
  • Barbara Cornish (2017)
  • Chuck Doran (2017)
  • Ben Picker (2015)
  • David Hoffman (2015)
  • Susan Hammer (2014)
  • Sid Lezak (2004)

The David Plant Award for Excellence in International Dispute Resolution is granted to a person who has made exceptional contributions throughout their careers in advancing the use, understanding, teaching, or promotion of international dispute resolution.

  • Izzeldin Abuelaish (2013)
  • Louise Otis (2005)

IAM Award for Excellence

  • Julie Macfarlane (2005)
  • William F. Lincoln (2003)
  • William H. Webster (2000)
  • Janet Reno (1999)
  • Jim Henry (1998)

IAM Honorary Members

Hal Abramson
Gladys Alvarez
Robert Benjamin
Richard Birke
Stephanie Bell Blondell
Larry Bridgesmith
Dwight Golann
Kimberlee K. Kovach
Lela Porter Love
L. Randolph Lowry
Linda Marks
Jonathan Marks
Nina Meierding
Chris Moore
Leonard Riskin
Peter R. Robinson
Nancy Hardin Rogers
Colin Rule
David Sandborg
Sukhsimranjit Singh
Thomas Stipanowich
William Ury
Warren Winkler