IAM Committee Overview

The IAM is fueled by the significant contributions made by IAM members who lead and serve on IAM committees, projects, programs, and task-forces that are the heart and soul of IAM. Their dedication enables the IAM to be the premier organization for commercial mediators.

The Board of Governors and Membership are grateful for their service.

To learn more about an IAM Committee, please read the descriptions below and contact a Committee Chair.


Purpose of Committee: The purpose of the IAM Communication & Outreach Committee is to effectively communicate IAM’s vision and accomplishments to IAM members, potential members, and consumers of commercial mediation through social media, blogging, and other media.

Name of Chair/Email: Christine Masters – christine@masters-ribakoff.com

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses:

Committee Goals:

  • IAM Blog – Over the past few years, 60 blogs from over 35 different IAM members have been published.  The articles focus on the concerns of practicing mediators and those interested in using mediation.  Please contact Christine Masters or Jeff Truman if you would like to submit a blog for publication.
  • IAM Member Updates – Member Updates provide members with an opportunity to stay connected and informed about what is going on with other members, both personally and professionally.  Each year every member will be requested to complete a short update which will be posted in the Member Portal of the IAM Website.  Ideally, we would like to post Updates about once a week to introduce (or reintroduce) members to each other.  The IAM is grateful for the dedication of the Committee, this year chaired by Christine Masters, for the hours spent in reaching out to members to collect, review, and edit the Updates.  The committee is always looking for folks to help with these tasks.  It’s a great way to build relationships with your colleagues and give back to the IAM.  Send an email with your interest to Christine or any committee member.
  • Social Media – The Communications & Outreach Committee works to promote the mission of IAM and commercial mediation in general on three social media platforms: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IAMtweetsADR-public page and https://www.facebook.com/groups/211572338865050-private page.  We welcome members who are familiar with social media (or are interested in learning) to join the committee and help us spread the word about the IAM and mediation.  Tim Corcoran and Scott Marcus are essential to our Facebook and ListServ activities. Contact Tim (TimC@CorcoranMediation.com) to post on our public and/or private Facebook pages.  Contact Scott(Marcus@Agreement.com) if you have questions/suggestions about the Listserv.
  • Book Talks – Jeff Kichaven has organized a wonderful Zoom opportunity for members to discuss books they are reading, or have recently read, or would recommend.  If you are interested, contact Jeff Kichaven
  • Mediator’s Reflections – Jan Schau has created a new Google Group: “IAM Mediators’ Reflections” where those who wish can continue to express themselves as we have with our IAM Happy Hours. The group will allow those who “opt in” to share poetry, observations, songs, prayers, musings, frustrations, fears, and triumphs.  It will give us a chance to express gratitude and brainstorm about ways we can “give back” or to help in meaningful ways.  If you’re interested, contact Richard Rejino or  Jan Schau.


Name of Committee:  Conference Planning Committee

Purpose of Committee:  To plan meaningful conferences that challenge and educate the world’s most sophisticated mediators while providing a forum for the collegial exchange of ideas and fellowship.

Name of Chair/Email:  Paul Van Osselaer – Paul@VanOsselaerADR.com.

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses:  Jon Fidler – jfidler@malach-fidler.com; Mark Rudy- msr@rezlaw.com; Jan Schau – jfschau@schaumediation.com.

Goals:  The continued development of conferences that are relevant, interesting, and valuable to all IAM members, regardless of their jurisdiction.


Name of Committee:  Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Purpose of Committee: The International Academy of Mediators recognizes that differences in perspectives, experiences, capabilities, and style are crucial to managing organizations and to providing mediation services in our diverse, complex and evolving global community. In this spirit, IAM is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in its membership structure and organizational work regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status.

Name of Chair/Email:  Gail Wright Sirmans – wrightsir2@aol.com.

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses:  TBA

Goals:  TBA


Name of Committee:  Membership Committee

Purpose of Committee: Responsible for vetting members new who meet the qualifications established by the Board for joining the IAM, and for coordinating with the Recruiting Committee, Member Services Committee, Executive Committee and the Board.

Name of Chair/Email: Jeff Hand – jhand@ilslaw.ca 

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses: Bob Tessier – robert@tessiermediation.com; Joyce A. Mitchell – jamitchesq@gmail.com; Kim Sands – ksands@uww-adr.com; Steve Paul – steve@swpaul.com; Jody Sin – sin@theresolution.com.hk; Vance Cooper – vance@coopermediation.ca; Simon Margolis – smargolis@cmbmediation.com; Mike Mullin – michael.mullin@kutakrock.com; David Gaszner – dgaszner@tglaw.com.au


  • Prepare final recommendations to the Board for implementation of the Membership Task Force action items
  • Staff and assist with the organization of the Recruiting and Member Services Committees
  • Implement proactive recruiting, membership and member services protocols
  • Maintain and improve collegiality, participation in IAM and quality of the membership
  • Improve age, geographic, gender and cultural diversity of IAM




Name of Committee:  Recruiting

Purpose of Committee: Responsible for recruiting potential new members who meet the qualifications established by the Board for joining the IAM, and for coordinating with Membership Chair on attendance at IAM conferences and application for membership in IAM.

Name of Chair/Email:  Jeff Hand

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses: Gail Wright Sirmans – wrightsir2@aol.com; Others to be named

Goals for 2019 and 2020:

  • Implement proactive recruiting protocols
  • Mobilize membership as a whole to assist with recruiting qualified new members
  • Maintain and improve collegiality, participation in IAM and quality of the membership
  • Improve age, geographic, gender and cultural diversity of IAM

Note:  Theoretically, every IAM member plays a role in recruiting.  Also, it would be very helpful if IAM members who encourage potential new members or delegates to attend conferences would let the Recruiting Committee Chair know something about the person whom they encouraged to consider IAM.


Name of Committee:  Member Services

Purpose of Committee: Responsible for obtaining feedback from IAM members on improving member services and for recommending action items to assist IAM leadership in becoming more responsive to the wants and needs of the IAM membership as a whole.

Name of Chair/Email:  Elaine Gordon

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses: TBD

Goals for 2019 and 2020:

  • Implement proactive member services protocols
  • Affirmatively seek input from IAM members on how to improve the experience of being an IAM member
  • Maintain and improve collegiality, participation in IAM and quality of the membership
  • Improve age, geographic, gender and cultural diversity of IAM


Name of Committee: Mediator Mentorship Program (IAM MMP Committee)

Purpose of Committee:  To identify and encourage appropriate candidates to apply for the IAM MMP program, to review and approve mentee applications, to monitor the progress of MMP members, and to assist in the development and oversight of programing tailored to IAM MMP members.

Name of Chair/Email: Wendy Kramer –wkramer@adrservices.com

Names of Committee Members/Email addresses: Claude Amar – claude@amar.cc; Lisa Amato – lisa@amatomediation.com; Jeff Hand – jhand@ilslaw.com; Alicia Kuin – aliciakuin@gmail.com;

Committee Goals:

  • Growth:  To attract diverse qualified candidates for the creation of new IAM mentee/mentor teams and provide support to the newly launching WWMP (Worldwide Mediation Mentorship Program)
  • Web Presence:  Create a separate tab for the IAM MMP on the IAM website with the current content/application for MMP Program, to also include a description of the path to potential full IAM membership and add a separate IAM MMP Listserv
  • Programming:  To increase participation (both attendance and presenters) in the MMP hosted monthly Wednesday webinars/Professional Development Group Meetings and encourage MMP member participation in IAM Conference attendance and programming
  • Accountability:  Create formal reporting process for mentee/mentor teams to assess progress

For more information and an application, please visit Mentorship Program page


Name:  Pro Bono Committee

Purpose: The IAM Pro Bono Committee affords an opportunity for members to provide access to high quality mediation services on a pro bono basis in which counsel are dedicating themselves to resolving disputes involving needy individuals and causes.  The program also affords an opportunity to members and the Committee to expose the work of the IAM and individual members to a range of law firms and public interest groups which might otherwise not be familiar with their work.

Chair: Greg Derin gdderin@derin.com

Committee Members: Lynn Bassis – lynne@bassismediation.com; Steve Cerveris – steve@cerverismediation.com; Gig Kyriacou – gigkmediate@gmail.com; Judith Meyer – judith@judithmeyer.com; Cynthia Remmers – cynthia@remmersglobal.com; Jan Schau – jfschau@schaumediation.com; Todd Smith – todd@toddasmith.com; Jeff Trueman  jt@jefftrueman.com; Ex Officios – Steve Paul  steve@swpaul.com; Lee Jacobson  lmj@jacobsondisputeresolution.com; Michael Young – mike@mikeyoungmediation.com


  • Expand our relationship with public interest organizations;
  • Grow committee membership, especially in our satellite test areas (i.e., Baltimore, Philadelphia) to see if the program can gain traction;
  • Publicize the work of the committee (e.g., Los Angeles Daily Journal) to attract more users;
  • Reach out to IAM Members on the ListServ to encourage (a) membership on the committee and/or willingness to take cases; and (b) publicize the availability of the program to appropriate clients.


Name of Committee:  Scholar-In-Residence (SIR)

Purpose: The purpose of the SIR Program is to help bridge the gap between the theory and practice of mediation. Interaction between the SIR and members can help practitioners learn more about prevailing theories and studies, while exposing academics to the environments and challenges facing professionals who make mediation their day-to-day business. The SIR program provides an opportunity to test current practice models while subjecting emerging academic theories to the pragmatic rigor of every-day practice.

Chair: Jerry Weiss – jeromefweiss@gmail.com

Goals: This description provides illustrations of the sorts of activities the SIR might engage in. The opportunities can be expanded as the SIR program develops and evolves under the oversight of the SIR Committee.

Contribute to IAM Conferences: The SIR can assist in designing workshops for IAM Conferences. Workshops might include programs based on the expertise that the person brings to the position or hosting an academic speaker on a subject that might be of interest to the membership. IAM Conferences are held twice a year and have historically been cutting edge, with top tier presenters and panelists.

Contribute to the IAM’s ListServ Discussion Group: The SIR can participate in the IAM confidential List Serv by posing questions of theory, ethics, and strategy and commenting on threads. The threads provide a lively exchange of ideas. However, no member content may be distributed or republished by the SIR without express permission.

Engage in Scholarship that Draws on the Expertise of the Membership: The SIR can prepare an article or other work that will be informed by discussions or collaboration with members of IAM.The SIR also is available to help members prepare articles and speeches by serving as a sounding board and offering advice on the timeliness of topics and options for publishing. The mutual enrichment of such a dialogue is an intangible, but significant benefit.

Join the IAM on Friday, May 1, 2020 at our first virtual mediation conference, "Virtually Yours: A Look to the Future” (registration ends 4/30 at 5 PM ET). For more information, visit http://tiny.cc/iam-online-conf-2020

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