Member Publications

Our knowledgeable and experienced members have written a wide-range of publications demonstrating their mediation expertise. The opinions reflect those of the author of the publication and not necessarily the International Academy of Mediators.

Below you will find some books written by our members. If you would like to submit a book to the website, please contact Richard at

Mediation Commerciale
by Catherine Peulve, Patrick van Leynseele, and Pierre Jung  (2022)

This book is a practical, multi-entry guide for those who are involved in commercial mediation or in its implementation: company directors, commercial representatives, lawyers, mediators, judges. It is also a collection of techniques and “tips and tricks”.  To order a copy of the book, click here.


Aussergerichtliche Konfliktlosung
By David Girsberger and James Peter (2019)

Used at several Swiss universities, this book on ADR covers topics on communication, conflict management, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Click here to order.


A Mediators Musings by John Sturrock (2020)

A collection of articles and Blog posts written in recent years by leading mediator, John Sturrock QC, containing reflections on mediation, negotiation, politics and other topics.

To order a copy of the book, click here.

Being Relational by Louise Senft (2015)

To order a copy of the book, click here.

Stories Mediators Tell by Eric Galton and Lela P. Love (2012).

Explore inspirational stories on the art of mediation through this collection that offers first-hand accounts of the unpredictable and often dramatic nature of mediation

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 La médiation commerciale en France et en Allemagne – une comparaison – by Martin Hauser (2016)

For a free downloadable copy, click here. 

 Wirtschaftsmediation in Frankreich und Deutschland im Vergleich by Martin Hauser (2016)

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