By: Keith L. Seat, IAM Blog Editor & Distinguished Fellow

Posted:  May 6th, 2015

This is the first posting of the new blog of the International Academy of Mediators, which will open to you the insights and thinking of one of the top groups of mediators in the world.

 The International Academy of Mediators is a selective group of highly experienced commercial mediators from around the world who, in this blog, are sharing their wisdom about how mediation can best be used to resolve serious conflicts, including approaches, techniques and – most important of all – perspective.

The emphasis of this blog is on substance, not flash or entertainment, and those embroiled in disputes or interested in mediation may well find it fascinating. It will not fill your mailbox with multiple postings each week, so that when it arrives you will find it worth stopping to read. The posts will be lightly edited, so the voices of the authors come through clearly, in all their diversity from working with disputes in different countries and differing settings.

 While the focus will be on users and potential users of mediation, the blog will be helpful to practicing mediators as well. We welcome discussion and feedback – and may find collaboration emerging from which we can all learn. We also encourage you to follow IAM on Twitter and join our LinkedIn Group.

I’m an IAM member and editor of the IAM Blog in my spare time, following ten years preparing a detailed mediation newsletter for IAM, which was also widely distributed. I’m pleased to have now shifted focus to the concepts, ideas and perspectives involved in mediation. I’m confident the blog will be interesting and engaging, and will develop over time based on contributions and your responses.

Welcome to the adventure!