Mediation 2021: Where Do We Go from Here? – Revisiting our Values


IAM Fall 2021 Symposium Mediation 2021: Where Do We Go from Here

Revisiting Our Values:  Spirituality and Introspection After the Pandemic

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

10 AM – 12 PM – US Pacific Time

10 AM Pacific US/Canada | 1 PM Eastern US/Canada | 6 PM London
8 PM Israel | 4 AM (Thurs) Brisbane

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PROGRAM: Mediators throughout the globe are engaged in the resolution of disparate issues in widely diverse settings.  In approaching this work, many mediators are attuned to the relationship between their inner world and the outward-facing world and how this relationship may influence their practice.

This two-hour panel discussion will address whether the crisis of the last two years has changed those worlds, relationships, and practices.  Through an interactive discussion with mediators and scholars from different faith traditions, we will explore the effects of isolation, shared suffering, healing, sources of wisdom, faith, and introspection on us as people and as mediators. Many of us think about the spiritual foundations of our practice, but we rarely articulate or share those thoughts. Why is that? How does our reflection or inhibition to share affect outcomes and interactions with parties and stakeholders?

Join us for a unique exploration of Mediation 2021: Where Do We Go from Here? The program will include an open discussion with audience members.

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