Mediation 2021: Where Do We Go from Here? – Asia-Pacific

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We are navigating unchartered waters in virtually every aspect of our lives.  Whether by choice or triggered by external factors, the ways we deal with each other (and perhaps view ourselves) have changed. So too has mediation which has become a more globalized profession involving new legal and factual challenges unheard of only a few years ago.  These symposiums will explore our changing professional world and ask “ where do we go from here?”

Please note start times are 1 pm (Hong Kong/Singapore) / 3 pm (Brisbane) / 4pm (Sydney) / 6 pm (New Zealand).

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Master of Ceremonies: Nina Khouri

1:00 PM Introductory Remarks – Michel Kallepetis, Nina Khouri and Doug Murphy

1:10 PM Session 1:  Climate Change and Other Common Themes: Rural Debt Mediation in the Pacific

Facilitator: Douglas Murphy QC; Speakers: Mark Kelly (New Zealand), Lee Nevison (Australia) and George Fox (Australia).

2:10 PM Session 2:  Mediation is Changing: Techniques and Considerations for Online and Hybrid Mediation Processes

Facilitators: Jody Sin and Tat Lim; Speakers: Danny McFadden (Hong Kong, SAR), Mary Walker (Australia) and Jawad Sarwana (Pakistan)

3:10 PM Session 3:  Mediation is Changing: How Can Mediation Advocates Enhance Their Skills to Add Value for Their Clients ?

Facilitators: Jody Sin and Tat Lim; Speakers: Vod Chan  (Hong Kong, SAR), Gary Gao (China) and Geoff Sharp (New Zealand)

4:00 PM Thank You and Conclusion

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PLEASE NOTE: The registration fee for each symposium is $50 USD for IAM members,$75 USD for non-members and $25 USD for students and IAM Mentees. A video recording will be made of the symposium and available to non-student registrants.  Members, please note that attendance at any of these symposiums will satisfy your membership conference attendance requirements.