Richard P. Sher, (St. Louis, Missouri) received the Richard S. Arnold Award for Distinguished Service at the recent Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference. The award recipients are chosen by the district judges in each of the districts in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, based on criteria for which Judge Arnold was known: “1) the person has achieved professional excellence in his or her field; 2) the person has been a leader in his or her legal community as reflected in the leadership positions the nominee has held in bar associations and other professional organizations; 3) the person has contributed significant work toward the delivery of volunteer legal services to underserved members of the community; 4) the person has been honored by his or her peers; and 5) the person has served as a mentor or role model for less-experienced lawyers or students interested in law.” Mr. Sher, who has served as a mediator in more than 2,200 cases, was specifically recognized for his contribution to the study and acceptance of alternative dispute resolution in civil litigation.

Louise Otis (Montreal, Quebec) The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Québec, Mme Stéphanie Vallée, recently awarded the Prix de la justice du Québec 2015, to Mme Louise Otis. It is the highest distinction given in the legal field in Québec. The Prix de la justice du Québec 2015 recognizes and highlights the invaluable contribution of a person who has worked to defend the values of justice: accessibility, universality and quality.

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