IAM Fall Conference Sponsors

IAM is pleased to announce our 2019 Fall Conference Sponsors. During your time in Scottsdale, please thank them for their valuable support.


Deepak Chhatwal of Los Angeles (DCLA)

Madeleine Crouch & Co. Dallas

For over 20 years, Mr. Deepak Chhatwal has specialized in tailored clothing. He will be in Scottsdale to work with you to create the perfect suit. Mr. Chhatwal is renowned for his attention to detail and personalization. DCLA creates timeless classics; tailor-made to deliver the perfect fit. Their goal is to provide you with a superior wardrobe to complement today’s modern lifestyle. Schedule an appointment while you are in Scottsdale. Then, design everything from lapel style, to interior lining, to thread color. Starting with the slope of your shoulder, down to the break of your trousers, DCLA will take 36 different measurements to provide you with a fit unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

A testimonial from one of IAM’s members, Mike Young:

I’ve worn all five suits and received compliments on each one of them.  But to tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that my suits are more popular than I am… Personally, I’m having the most fun with the breast pocket liners.  I’m also still finding surprises, like my name on the inside bottom of the trouser legs.   The shirts are fantastic as well.  They feel so … I don’t know  smooth and regal.  In any case, thank you, everything is excellent.  Even the yellow tie…which I’ve worn.  (I guess I can wear yellow, who knew?)  If only you had some incentives to encourage my fellow IAM Fellows to try you out….

For the IAM Fall Conference, DCLA has a special offer: With the purchase of a suit receive a fully tailored shirt – AT NO COST – Two suits –  2 shirts. With an order of 4 suits – receive 4 shirts at no extra charge.  In addition, DCLA will also add a beautiful silk tie with your purchase, again at no additional charge.



Madeleine Crouch & Company

MCC is proud to be IAM’s management company. We believe in transparency, accountability, and sustainability in non-profit association management. We’ll help design meaningful programs for the members of your organization, bringing leadership and experience to the boardroom and to the backroom. Madeleine Crouch & Co., Inc. offers the guidance, competence, friendliness, continuity and administrative support you require to achieve your goals and objectives.