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In a climate of immense societal change, what role, if any, should mediators play when resolving conflicts with competing views of societal norms? What are the techniques and practical skills that will assist us and challenge us to provide a more culturally sensitive and bias-aware mediation process?  When we face these issues as mediators, how have changes in commerce, technology, and interpersonal relations affected confidentiality as a cornerstone of mediation?

October 16, 2020

11am – 4:55pm (Eastern – US/Canada)
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Dear Mediator and/or IAM Colleague,

We invite you to register for the IAM Fall 2020 Virtual Conference.

Please join us online on October 16, 2020 to consider the challenges of mediating disputes during these trying times. As with all of our conferences, it is a chance to learn and share with the best our profession has to offer.

We look forward to being with you online in October! In the meantime, stay healthy and safe.

–Jon Fidler, IAM President
–Paul Van Osselaer, Conference Chair

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