2022 Fall Virtual Conference – Practical Tips for Handling Diversity Issues in Mediation 


Friday, November 4 (8:00 am – 9:45 am PST) | Click Here for times in your area.

Hosted by the IAM Diversity and Equity Committee

Topic: Practical Tips for Handling Diversity Issues in Mediation

The topic of diversity is often approached through an academic or philosophical lens, without much discussion on how diversity can significantly impact our work with clients when looking through all-encompassing lenses of age, race, sex, culture, religion, and disability. This DEI presentation will be different. Experts in the field from around the world  – Joyce Mitchell, Alicia Kuhn, Beryl Ouma, Justice M.L. Mehta, Prachi Mehta, and Orit Asnin – will host an interactive, practical roundtable aimed at recognizing, addressing, and incorporating many of the fundamental concepts of  diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  In short, you’ll learn how to not just “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk”!

We look forward to hearing your virtual responses to the many scenarios which the Committee will propose to this panel, sharing perspectives and approaches to recognizing and addressing (or not addressing!), the diversity issues present in each instance.

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