IAM ADR Forms Resource Library

Welcome to the IAM ADR Forms Library, which is available to you as an IAM member benefit. The Library consists of downloadable forms, checklists, emails, and other useful resources created and contributed by IAM members.  We wish to thank all our contributors for making their expert work product available to benefit our ADR practices.

To access the Library, login to your account and click the “I agree” button below to execute the license to use them.

Once you sign the Agreement, a list of six categories will appear.  To see the list of forms in each category, click on a specific category, which will take you to a listing of the forms in that category. You may view them as follows:

  • Click on the Form Title to see a virtual “index card” identifying the form’s title and category, the contributor’s name and jurisdiction, a brief note on use, and date the form was last reviewed or updated.
  • Alternatively, you can download the form immediately by clicking the “Download” button to the far right of the form title.

Having executed the use license, you can use the form(s) in any way you choose, as-is, or edited as you see fit.  Attribution is neither required nor expected.

The Editorial Board reviewing Library forms consists of members Christine Masters, Chair of IAM Communications and Outreach Committee, Rande Sotomayor, and Sheldon J. Stark. We welcome your own contributions to the Library. Please fill out an Index card here and the Contributor Agreement here and send them along with your contributions to our Executive Director, Richard Rejino: richard@iamed.org.

If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions, we encourage you to send an email to Richard Rejino.

Please help us build the IAM ADR Forms Library! We hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your ADR practice.


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